Youth continues

The team is for both boys and girls who want to play volleyball. What everyone has in common is that they have played volleyball either via Kidsvolley in the club or have been through our beginner stage at youth starts the team or with Teenvolley.

As a youth player, you have control of the basic technique and have experience with the game with 6 players on the pitch. The team can be used by the club's U15 and U17 players as a supplement to the training of the U15 and U17 teams. Among other things, work is with giving the players experience with different systems and positions. 

At the same time, it is important for everyone in the team that you like being in the hall and it is therefore important that you accept the other players and make room for both mistakes and successes.

We participate in as many events as possible and hope that the players will prioritize participation as it is an important part of both the players' development, but also in the experience of going to volleyball and the social.

Training times: Wednesday at 18.00-19.30

Trainers: Karsten

Training place: Bakkeskolen's hall, Seestvej 6, 6000 Kolding

Contact: Karsten 30273869

You are also welcome to send us an email at

Training for players from our partner clubs: 
Players affiliated with another of our neighboring clubs can participate in training at KVK at a favorable price. To be able to get this offer, you as a player must have one of our surrounding clubs as your primary club and thus only have KVK as an additional training offer. Please contact Karsten for further details

Volleyball in Kolding