Campus volleyball

Campus volleyball is for you who are studying at one of the higher education programs and would like to have fun playing volleyball. You meet other students and/or volleyball players who also study in and around Kolding.

The concept is:

-        Kolding Volleyball Klub will every Monday initiate and be responsible for the volleyball activity

-        Payment: There are several ways to pay for Campus Volleyball:

1. You can choose to pay for the whole season 2022-23. This form of payment is the cheapest if you intend to come to Campusvolley for the whole season. In addition, you can save 5% if you register before 1 September 2022. The price drops from month to month, so you only pay from the month in which you attended the first training session. Read more about the terms of registration and payment.

2. You can also choose to pay DKK 25 per go to Mobilpay 90116, where you just write "Campusvolley" in the comment. Here, our rope holders just have to check the payment when you arrive. It can also be cash payment, which is paid to our rope holder.

-        As a participant, you just have to show up - every week after the previous training, we will create a Facebook event on the club's Facebook page for the volleyball activity the following week. The event is very welcome to be shared on social media etc. and you will be able to register for the volleyball activity in the usual Facebook way.

Training time: Monday at 15.30-17.30

Training place: UC Syd, Universitetsparken 2, 6000 Kolding

Project manager: Hanne, Bori, Iryna, Alessandro and Ale

Contact: Karsten 30273869

You are also welcome to send us an email at

Students in Kolding Volleyball Club
Students in Kolding Volleyball club