Men 2

The team plays in the Danish league, which is the country's 4th best row. The team trains twice a week and consists of a mix of young talented players and more experienced players. The team will have joint training with Men 2 every Tuesday, while training separately on Thursdays.  The goal is for the team to play at the top of the Danish series

Head coach: We are currently missing. a head coach, but has good solutions as ass. coach in place. Until another scheme is in place, the training will be led by the team's experienced players collectively. Choice of exercises, etc. often follows the H1 training on the field next to it.

Training time: Tuesday at 20.00-22.00 and Thursday at 18.00-20.00

Training place: Kolding Volleyball Club, dyrehavevej 116B

Trainers: Lars Løgstrup, Karsten Vium Strandridder and others.

Contact: Karsten 30273869

You are also welcome to send us an email at

Volleyball in Kolding