Senior Mix, beginners

The team for you who have not tried to play volleyball before, or who have played many years ago and would like to knock rust off and learn the game again. There is plenty of good training and exercise, and on the mix teams the social is highly valued. There is a focus on high spirits and good atmosphere. The training takes place together with the other mix players and there will be trainings where everyone, regardless of gender, ability and experience, mixes and plays with and against each other. The team participates in tournaments and rallies at the exercise level.

Training time: Monday and Wednesday at 19.30-21.30 - however, we are unsure whether Monday will come to fruition as we lack coaches, so for now new and "old" players will just have to show up on Wednesday.

Training place: Bakkeskolen's hall, Seestvej 6, 6000 Kolding

Coach: Karsten

Contact: Karsten 30273869

You are also welcome to send us an email at

Volleyball in Kolding