Thursday volleyball - entry team for men's and women's volleyball

With this team, we want to have the opportunity to make the best possible integration for the club and for the sport in general. 

If you are moving to the area and / or just want to sniff out whether volleyball could be your new sport and / or you basically want to develop in the sport, well then Thursday volleyball is the good start, We expect that you have done certain experiences with volleyball and thus not that you start from scratch with volleyball. You may not be experienced in playing with systems and / or it has been a long time since you last played.

It will also be at Thursday volleyball that you start up if you are "unknown" to the club. This means that many, the first time they come to the club, will be asked to show up for Thursday volleyball, after which it will be clarified where in the club you fit in best. Some will be sent directly to more experienced teams, while others will have to continue with Thursday volleyball and / or maybe start on the adult beginner team on Wednesday. 

At Thursday volleyball, we work a lot with the technical part + that you are trained in game systems. There will be the opportunity for matches as players will be offered to play matches in the DGI row (men and women). Here you can possibly. be mixed with players from the club's other tournament teams depending on whether you are missing players or not.

The goal is for the players and the team itself to develop as much as possible and for the players to be prepared to play in the senior ranks.

Training time: Thursday at 18.00-20.00 (the training will take place as a mix between men and women)

Training place: Kolding Volleyball Club, dyrehavevej 116B

Trainers: Maiken Bendtsen Vejrup and others 

Contact: Karsten 30273869

You are also welcome to send us an email at

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