The club's sponsors and other partners

What do you get as a sponsor in KVK?

Want to support locally? Become a sponsor and partner more advantages:

1. Opportunity to show that you support local association life in Kolding.
2. Knowledge of your company as a result of the club's marketing.
3. Possibility to participate in events organized by KVK.  

We want to appear as attractive business partners and have therefore drawn up our own sponsorship strategy. 
The sponsor strategy must help to make visible the value that is in a collaboration between us and our sponsors. 

Our sponsorship strategy rests on two legs:

Community: Our collaboration must be based on good relationships and meaningful networks.

Visibility: Our collaboration must be visible - both internally and externally in the club. The cooperation must create value - both for company and club.

Are you interested in hearing more?
Contact: Karsten 30273869