Volunteering in Kolding Volleyball Club

It must be easy to be a volunteer at KVK.

Development is well underway at Kolding Volleyball Club. As we increase in membership, the need for more teams increases and thus also the work to make everything run smoothly in connection with training, matches and various events throughout the season.

In recent years, the board has put a lot of effort into developing the club into what it is today. The ambitions are many, and this means that the board is sometimes drowning in work. We are simply too few for too many tasks.

We therefore need to distribute some of the work involved in running a voluntary association. It is not just about getting the task done, but just as much about sharing the responsibility so that it does not all lie with the board members.

We are already well underway. The board has just visited the various senior teams and asked them to nominate a team leader who will be responsible for coordinating the tasks under the team's control.

There will be many other tasks that need to be solved during the season, and we know from experience that it can be difficult to see which tasks need to be solved and how. Therefore, we at the board are in the process of describing all tasks. Each task is described on 1-2 pages so that it is easy to access and understand for the volunteer(s) who have to carry it out.

The idea is that when you say yes to a task, you will find the task description below and immediately have an overview and a plan for carrying out the task.

The ambition is that there will be descriptions of all tasks. Should you miss a description, please contact the board and we will look into it immediately.

The task descriptions will be continuously uploaded below as they are completely completed.