Kolding Volleyball Club - A club for everyone

Kolding Volleyball Club would like to be an inclusive club where there is room for everyone. We have therefore also put together a lot of different offers so that there is a team for every need – both new players, experienced players, young players, children, senior players and students. 

In addition, at Kolding Volleyball Club we value community. We are of course in common about playing volleyball, but also in common about a lot of other things such as club events with a focus on things other than volleyball. This could be, for example, communal dining, Christmas lunch or beer tasting. Both the match program and joint events can be found in our calendar. 

Due to the fact that Kolding Volleyball Club wants to be a club for everyone, and thus also a safe and secure place to play, we have made sure to take a stand on both alcohol, doping and match-fixing. Just as we also try to find business partners who can advise on injuries and diet. 

We are a club in development and have just started the 'project young in Volley'. An exciting project which we hope can create a cool youth environment in the club and in association life in general. 

You can read more about all this on our site.