Registration and payment

.Here you can read more about conditions for registration and payment in Kolding Volleyball Klub. 


You register by finding the team you want to go to in the activity overview. Here you click on the REGISTER button. 

Upon registration, you will, among other things, asked for consent to use images of you on the club's media. We hope many people want this, so that we can promote ourselves as best as possible.

When you sign up, you also "commit" to take part in the large community in Kolding Volleyball Club. We do not have many rules and requirements, but we want as many people as possible to contribute to the community, so that together we help to create the best club for all of us. We are currently working. with a volunteering strategy that we hope can help lift the club in every possible way. 


It takes place via our website, where you click on the team you want to join. Here you click on the REGISTER button, after which a payment module opens via our administration system Conventus. Here you fill in what needs to be filled in. The amount paid is payment for the entire season/rest of the season. 

If you pay BEFORE 1 September you save 10%. After that, the quota will be in full. Per 1 December and again per On 1 February, the quota rate will drop further, so that you do not have to pay the full quota if you enter later in the season. This will be the first date you are in training, which applies to which quota you have to pay. You must train with for 14 days before payment is due, so that you find out whether the individual team is the right one or whether you want to go to volleyball or not (but of course you do 😊

If you do not have the possibility to pay by card on the team where you will play, or you need some kind of payment arrangement, then you must contact the club's treasurer Helle Holm