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We have several different activities that we are sure can meet both your needs and your wishes!
If you would like to be guided a little more on your way, you can read more about our various activities or download our welcome leaflet.

Welcome leaflet for new members

Volleyball for children (3-12 years): 
Ramasjang Family Volleyball, 3-6 years
Kids volleyball 0.-3. grade
Kids volleyball 4.-5. grade

Volleyball for young people (12-18 years):
Youth - Beginner, 2022-23
Youth, 2022-23
Ladies U17 / 20

Volleyball for adult beginners (from 18 years):
Senior mix, beginners
Entry team for men's and women's volleyball

Volleyball for experienced adults (from 18 years):
Senior mix, experienced
Ladies 2 (Denmark series)
Ladies 1 (division)
Men 2 (Denmark series)
Men 1 (division)

We train and play in two different places in Kolding – Kolding Volleyball Club and Forum Kolding. The primary place and where most of our teams train and play matches is in Kolding Volleyball Club - See instructions

Kolding Volleyball Club, Dyrehavevej 116B, Kolding
Forum Kolding, Bramdrupskovvej 110, Kolding