Hi there!

We have several different volleyball activities that we are sure can meet both your needs and your wishes.
If you would like to be guided a little more along the way, you can read more about the various volleyball teams below or download our welcome leaflet. And of course you are always welcome to contact us. Find the contact options at the bottom of the page, and note that the club is moving its activities to Bakkeskolen's hall in Seest per August 2023.

Welcome leaflet for new members

Volleyball for children (3-12 years): 
Family sports, 3-6 years
Kids volleyball 2.-5. grade

Volleyball for young people (12-18 years):
Youth - beginning
Youth – continued

U15 girls
U17/20 boys
U17/20 girls 

Fun volleyball

Volleyball for adult beginners (from 18 years):

Senior mix, beginners

Volleyball for experienced adults (from 18 years):
Senior mix, experienced

Ladies 1 (2nd division)
Ladies 2 (2nd division)
Dame 3 (Denmark series)

Men's 1 (1st division)
Herre 2 (Denmarkserie)

ATTENTION: WE ARE MOVING! From start of the 2023 season, Kolding Volleyball Club will move to the hall at Bakkeskolen in the Kolding district of Seest. We look forward to welcoming each other in a new setting and to the exciting opportunities that the area and facilities offer. 

The new address will be - per August 2023: The hall of Bakkeskolen, Seestvej 6, 6000 Kolding

Parking at the school car park, after which you can follow the red line down to the hall, where you go down the stairs