Southern Denmark's largest volleyball club


In Kolding Volleyball Club we work consciously with our participants' vision about being a cool place to be a member and an association where you can meet many different people.

The club works to create greater knowledge and love for the many facets of volleyball. It is mainly run by volunteers, and we work together to ensure that all of us members have fun and safety - which is what it's all about. 

From the club's side, we work purposefully with security and community. In the youth department, this happens separately through the initiative Young in Volley, an exciting multi-year project from which we expect a lot.

We have many different teams and are in common to earn part of the money for running the club. We have, for example, good cooperation agreements at music events in Kolding and at Rock under the Bridge in Middelfart, where we are helpers.

The club's children's/youth department depends on the parents' volunteering, and here we owe thanks to the cooperation among ourselves and with the coaches to give the young people good and fun community experiences for training, matches and rallies.

In addition to the community that is borne by volunteering, we are fortunate that our club is also supported by many good sponsors, which, among other things, helps with major expenses, most often equipment for matches and training. 


Many about volunteering

There are many ways to volunteer at Kolding Volleyball Club, and we expect that all members will contribute to the club's rewarding communities, both socially and practically.

The practical skills can e.g. be 

  • to bake a cake, 
  • to help make amends, 
  • to redeem a mortgage,
  •  to be a coach for a team,
  • to be the rope-bearer for the end of Christmas
  • to be a helper at music events

During social tasks, it applies that you, as a comrade, hold the hand of your teammates and never leave anyone behind socially or practically.

If you want more, there are several different positions on the committee and board. We are a democratically managed organization with a well-functioning board that constantly takes a position on the club's progress and well-being.

The association's membership increased from 73 members in 2015 to 236 members in 2021 due to a very active effort on the part of the club.

As a result of this joint effort from members, parents and the board, Kolding Volleyball Club has been able to enter into several exciting collaborations with both Kolding Municipality, Campus Kolding and Kolding Beachvolley, gained a wide membership and in March 2023 achieved the title of Association of the Year 2022 in Kolding Municipality.

You can read more about all this here on our pages.