Southern Denmark's largest volleyball club

Kolding Volleyball Club is southern Denmark's largest volleyball club. We have a vision about to about being a cool place to be and with room for everyone.

The club is mainly run by volunteers and we share, among other things, making money for the club. In addition, we have good deals at music events in Kolding and at Rock under the Bridge in Middelfart. There are many ways to volunteer, and we expect everyone to contribute to the club's community. It could be baking a cake, being a rope holder for the end of Christmas or coaching a team. 

As a result, Kolding Volleyball Club has also entered into several exciting collaborations with Kolding Municipality, Campus Kolding and Kolding Beach Volley.

We are a democratically managed organization with a well-functioning board that takes a position on the club's progress and well-being. 

You can read more about all this on our site.