Toy clothes

Toy clothes

We have made a custom agreement with Macron Denmark. We get produced player sets for all the club's teams from Kidsvolley to Senior Mix. We are thus nicely represented every time we have players for matches and competitions. 
The playing clothes are of high quality and with colored print (sublimation print), which means that the logo, number, etc. is not worn off by wear or washing.
  • A 3-year agreement is made
  • Pay only for the print - prices from DKK 25 per. print and up to DKK 40 per pressure
  • The company logo appears on the club's website
  • You can choose to sponsor player sets for the target groups:
    • Kids volleyball (50 pcs.)
    • Youth (4 sets of 16 pieces = 64 pieces)
    • Tournament - division and Danish series (currently 5 teams of 16 each per team = 80)
    • Adult senior mix (75 pcs.)

Agreements for 2021-2024 will be made by June 2021 and will then cover the seasons 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24


Chairman of Kolding Volleyball Club

Chairman Karsten Vium Strandridder - - (+45) 3027 3869

Agreement with Macron

With the start of the 2021-22 season, we have entered into an agreement with the clothing company Macron, which is one of the major retailers of sportswear in Europe. Macron is an Italian company and spreads over several sports. Here in Denmark, more and more volleyball clubs have Macron as a player set and recently the Danish Handball Association has made an agreement on match sets for all referees in the two professional leagues.

In Denmark, the supplier resides in Kolding and is negotiated by Sportivi A / S and we thus comply with the club's own desire to support the local companies and shops in the Kolding area.

An agreement has been made with Macron with a company that has a strong brand value in the sports world. At the same time, Macron is characterized by having high quality products and with a large selection of clothing for the world of sports. In other words, we have chosen a product where we focus on quality and we are therefore very much looking forward to dressing the club's players with both player clothes and with training and leisure clothes from Macron.

The player clothes will be designed by the club and the sponsors will be allocated the sponsorship places that have been agreed. After this, the design will be sent for production in Italy and the club will for the start of the season 2021-22 be presented with beautiful new player sets.

The printed logos do not become the usual print that can be made in most clothing stores, but instead dyed directly from the factory in Italy. That is, the player clothing keeps the color and does not wear off after 3 seasons in action. If the clothes are not damaged along the way, it will be in such good condition after 3 seasons that it can be offered to the club's players at a favorable price after the end of the 3-year sponsorship period. Thus, the logos of the sponsors will still abound in the club, but at no additional cost. However, we hope that the sponsorship has provided mutual joy and to be able to renegotiate a new 3-year periodJ